Monday, October 20, 2008

Sarah Palin, yeti hunter

There was an article today about a team of Japanese adventurers who took photos of what they claim are the footprints of a yeti.  Here's the perfect opportunity for Sarah Palin to re-claim her hold over the country.  An American politician's popularity is directly proportional to the size of animal they shoot.  So why claim she's a mere moose hunter?  It's time for the McCain campaign to start circulating photos of Sarah Palin posing in front of the bloody carcass of a yeti.  Americans would swoon.  And if they really want to re-ignite the campaign, they can embellish the story even more.  After Sarah Palin brought down the yeti with a single shot, her husband, Todd, strapped the carcass to the hood of his snowmobile and they sped across hundreds of miles of Alaskan wilderness, stopping periodically to drill for oil and make sure no Russian planes were crossing into American air space, and still made it back home to Wasilla in time to ban a few books from the library and cook up a big family dinner.  How could America possibly keep someone like that out of the White House?