Monday, October 27, 2008

The chipmunk's digging little holes so kill it

My friend who lives in Michigan told me her neighbor Dave asked if her her cat could come over and kill a chipmunk that's been bugging him.  Bugging him?  Bugging him how?  Cursing at him?  Calling him names?  Telling lame jokes?  Playing its music late and loud the way Dave does?  No, apparently this chipmunk's been "digging holes."  And these holes are "eyesores."  So a guy who keeps a rusted lawn mower in his back yard and leaves his garbage cans on the street most of the week so the trash blows out and gets snagged by his neighbors' shrubs says a little chipmunk hole is an eyesore.  And he wants that chipmunk killed because of it.  He's an avid deer hunter so he'd probably do it himself if it weren't beneath him to kill anything he can't mount on his wall.  But what's the big surprise here anyway?  We're people, they're just animals -- ours to consume, test products on, kill for sport and kill because they "bug us."