Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dude, you should put warnings on those videos

I was reading through a popular "progressive" blog.  There was a post on the campaigns for and against prop 2.  One of the commenters wrote...

Dude, you should put warnings on those videos.  That's upsetting stuff.  Also, is there a link to where you can donate to the Prop 2 campaign?

Dude sees the upsetting Prop 2 videos, dude wants to take action, so dude donates money to support prop 2, which, dude, will only give the animals you saw in the video a couple extra feet to move around in.  Their lives will still be the same as in the video and worse, a thousand times worse, dude, because people who make prop 2 videos know a dude can only stomach so much bad shit.  Dude, screaming, blood, slow death, bad shit like that, dude, and for what, dude, so you and other dudes can chow down. So, dude, if that video upsets you, don't donate money to prop 2, it does nothing.  Stop eating meat, stop eating dairy.  Today, dude, today.  Otherwise, Dude, you're not watching what happens to those animals you saw in the video, you're doing it to them.