Saturday, October 25, 2008

A new oxymoron

There's a musician who has a website with an encyclopedic list of oxymorons.  He thought he had them all covered, from the George Carlin-made-famous military intelligence and jumbo shrimp to more obscure ones like job security and double solitaire.  But his list was incomplete.  He'd overlooked one created by a mind-numbingly twisted world that's set aside a place where living beings are herded and shoved into cages and starved and abused until, with eyes as full of terror and comprehension as any self-deifying human could ever be when confronted with the final moment, their lives are torn away from them.   It's this dark and cursed place, the factory farm, that provides us with an oxymoron which i passed along to the musician with the website.  He said it was a new one and added it to his list.  Humane slaughter.