Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Polar bears are the true cause of global warming

As governor, Sarah Palin sued the Interior Department on Alaska's behalf to get polar bears taken off the endangered species list, claiming it cripples oil and gas development in sensitive areas.  In her VP debate, she grudgingly acknowledged that global warming exists but said she didn't know what causes it.  All she needs to do now is complete the circle.  Blame global warming on the polar bears.  Her supporters will eat it up.  Those selfish, wasteful polar bears.  It's bad enough that their presence keeps us from heeding Sarah Palin's calls to "drill, baby, drill."  Now it turns out, on top of that, they're responsible for a crisis that threatens the future of the planet?  And we're protecting them?   They'll be scatched off the endangered species list in less time than it takes Sarah Palin to construct a complete sentence.  Then she can tell the people she encourages to shoot wolves from airplanes to bag a few polar bears while they're at it.  And once the polar bears are gone, there won't be any more excuses not to drill, baby, drill.