Friday, October 24, 2008

Extreme makeover -- KFC edition

According to Franchise Pundit...
KFC is shifting its design strategy to go more upscale ... hard plastic seating, bright primary colors and old menu boards have been replaced with high, open ceilings, glazed tile floors, padded booth seating, upscale tables and chairs -- all in a Tuscan color scheme of gold, rust, blue and brick red.
KFC is also concerned about the comfort and well-being of the chickens on their way to slaughter, so they've added a new set of poultry welfare guidelines:
KFC recommends that there be no crate damage that would allow injury to birds ... transport crates should not be over-filled and enough space should be provided to allow all birds to lie down.
KFC wants to be sure the birds are not only injury-free, but also well-rested, a peaceful little utopia in a crate, before they get electrically stunned and slaughtered.  Are the crates KFC uses to transport the well-rested chickens also done up in a Tuscan color scheme of gold, rust, blue and brick red?  The KFC poultry welfare guidelines don't specify.  But back to the exciting new interiors of the KFC restaurants.  
With inflation, we're asking people to spend more money on food and we want to give them the environment they want.  We want it to be a nice experience for them.
As a committed advocate of the humane treatment of animals, KFC has also enhanced the experience of the chickens.  
Our suppliers' stunning equipment should be maintained to confirm that birds are insensible prior to slaughter, and the time between stunning and slaughter should be limited to minimize any likelihood that a bird may regain consciousness prior to slaughter.
Nicer, more upscale restaurants, state-of-the-art stunning equipment, a color revamped menu board above the service counter, properly maintained slaughter equipment to confirm the birds are slaughtered quickly.  Looks like the colonel is working overtime to improve the KFC experience for everyone!  Life really does taste better at KFC!