Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm okay, you're okay -- unless you're a vegan

"I'm a creationist.  I believe the world was created in seven days.  Boy, that Mathuselah -- even at age nine hundred sixty he didn't look a day over two hundred."
"Okay, I respect your belief."

"Not only is Elvis still alive, he's working on a new album.  I heard one of the songs playing in my dental fillings."
"I suppose that's possible."

"I was abducted by aliens.  They were playing a game of pick-up football on the planet Zeltron and they were short a man.  I scored the winning touchdown and they poured a bucket of Tooka Juice, which is the Zeltronian version of Gatorade, over my head in celebration."
"Stranger things have happened."

"I'm a vegan.  I don't consume any animal products."
"Are you insane?  What a whacko nut job!"