Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thank God we were slaughtered by a local farmer instead of one of those big, impersonal corporations!

Only family farms can earn our seal.  Families who own, labor on and earn a meaningful livelihood from their farms have a true commitment and connection to the animals that is lost on factory farms managed by distant, corporate owners and run by hired hands.
This is a very important distinction to the animal.  I mean the last thing they want is an impersonal slaughter by someone they barely know.  Put down that stun bolt gun, you hired hand of a distant corporate owner, get away from me, I don't want to get slaughtered by a stranger, I want a bolt jammed into my brain by that friendly guy in the overalls who pats me on the head every morning.

The meaningful livelihood part the Animal Welfare Institute insists on is important too.  The slaughtered animal would scream in terror at the shackling and approaching blade if it knew the money earned by its carcass would go into the coffers of some corporate behemoth far away.  Now if the carcass money goes to the happy, local farmer, well that's another story.  This happy local farmer can use the money to buy, befriend and slaughter more animals, who will be just as grateful to be slaughtered in the intimate setting of a local farm rather than the impersonal farm of those distant, corporate owners.

The slaughtered animal would be especially re-assured knowing its slaughter earned the Animal Welfare Institute seal of approval, since the Animal Welfare Institute cares so deeply about the welfare of animals.  I give my slaughter my seal of approval too! the grateful animal would exclaim.