Thursday, January 1, 2009

new year, new hope

I found out a friend made it her new year's resolution to go vegan.
Hundreds of animals who want to live not die just got a reprieve tonight.
Maybe this friend of mine will slip, probably she'll slip, who knows.
All I know is out of the blue someone unforeseen
decided that as much as she loves the taste of meat and cheese,
as difficult as it is for her to separate herself from society's mores and her family's traditions,
she can no longer participate in the mass slaughter
of creatures she's always known are our equals.

Who knows why contrary to all evidence, against everything we see in front of us each day
we still hope a day will come when animals are not slaughtered
just so people can enjoy a tasty meal.
maybe hope is a black mole in the human psyche, a mark of derangement
or maybe...
maybe this impossible thing we all hope for can actually happen
some time way off in the future
or not so way off

This friend said to me, but what will I eat?
And I'm able to direct her to the wealth of blogs out there
that focus their energies on hope in the form of delicious food
like what the hell does a vegan eat anyway, awesome vegan rad, yeah that vegan shit and so many others that transform veganism from an impossible ideal so easily abandoned,
so certain to be abandoned like anything requiring superhuman effort,
into something we can wake up each day looking forward to.

And when she asks what she can do to help tell others, I'm able to direct her to Stephanie's animal rights section of, where right now people are voting on animal rights propositions, like vegan school lunch options for kids, that will be presented to the new administration in mid-january.

some day soon the rest of the world will see, they have to, how can they not.
or maybe it's hopeless, probably it is
the world will never give up killing animals to satisfy its pleasures
but at least today the hope is one person closer.