Saturday, November 15, 2008

The human animal

People abuse other animals, but we're even-handed in our abuse.
We do not discriminate on the basis of species, size or habitat.
Mammal or bird,
Whether they live on land, in water or sky,
It makes no difference.
We brutalize them all equally.
We inflict pain and misery with a blind eye to their differences,
And the same blithe unconcern for their sufferings.
We stun bolt farm animals, use meathooks on circus elephants, clubs on seals and harpoons on whales.  Our cosmetic tests blind rabbits and rub raw the skin of mice.  We've got bullets for deer, hooks for fish, leg traps for wolves,
And on and on.
Sure, we've granted a special status to dogs and cats who share our homes.  But the ones unfortunate enough to live without a name and collar get a quick burst of poison to send them to the hereafter.
It's safe to say there's not a species known to zoology that hasn't experienced some form of human savagery.
And still, regardless of country or faith, we still persist in thinking heaven awaits our coming.