Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Questions for the Pork Board's PR guy

The Pork Board changed their tag line to “Be Inspired,” and the Adweek reporter asked their PR guy why.

“We’re going toward a new target of people,” the PR guy said.

Here are a few of the questions the Adweek reporter didn’t ask the PR guy: It’s estimated 112 million pigs are slaughtered every year. Do these pigs have nervous systems? Do they feel pain? When your children ask you what tail docking is, what do you say? Can you look into their eyes when you say this? Does it ever strike you as arbitrary that you treat your dog like a family member but you confine similarly intelligent creatures in cages too small for them to around in and poke them with electric prods and and fire bolts into their brains? Did you know pigs are fun-loving creatures? Did you know they love life, and fear death, just like you? Do you like your job? Have you seen the video of the workers slamming the piglets to the ground until they die, except they’re not all dead, some are still moving around in the bloody pile? Do you ever reflect that you too have but a brief time among the living? Does this awareness make you question why you spend it justifying the slaughter of hundreds of millions of animals every year? A typical slaughterhouse kills about 1,000 hogs per hour. Do you comprehend how much death that is? Do the darkest hours of night ever make you tremble for what you do?

The AdWeek reporter doesn't ask the PR guy any of those questions. He asks why they changed their tag line. "We’re going toward a new target of people," the PR guy says.