Sunday, March 6, 2011

New tag line for the National Pork Board

The National Pork Board has a new tagline. “Pork. The other white meat” is gone. The new line: “Pork. Be Inspired.” Adweek Magazine has the scoop. Now anyone who’s ever read an article about pork products knows you don’t have to read far to find a play on words. Sure, enough, Adweek can’t even wait for the article to begin. They give us the first one in the title. “The other white meat finally cedes its place in the pen." Then another in the subhead. “The national pork board hoofed out a new tagline.” People can be so somber and earnest about so many things, but nothing brings out a spirit of levity like the topic of animal slaughter. You can almost see the wide grins forming in the Adweek newsroom when they got assigned to a story on the pork tag line change. So many puns, so little article space. “Plenty of restaurants and grocery stores fattened up the margins.” Hee hee. The same playful spirit inspired the people doing the ads for the new “Be inspired” campaign. “To all a good bite,” the headline says. You get it? To all a good night. Famous line. Bite rhymes with night. Funny stuff. Some of us might not think puns and rhymes and light-hearted whimsy go with stun bolting the brains and slashing the throats of living, pain-feeling creatures, but what do we know?